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Who Am I?

I was born the fourth of five children, in the spring, in a place I would not know as “home” for some years to come.  I learned the “old ways” at a very young age and seemed – even to myself – to be much older than my years, no matter what my age.  I grew up free, for those first several years in the mountains, and then later, after moving from there, I understood all to well how the mountains call out to their own, and how hard it can be when you can’t answer.

That childhood yielded SO much, and there is so much to tell!  But I digress for now.  I will add those stories, one at a time, and perhaps someone can relate, or understand to some degree.  I look forward to blogging and finding out just who I am…



I have already walked a long and winding road, sometimes choosing the road less traveled, and sometimes choosing the wrong road all together. Still one fact remains... were it not for God, I would not have made it this far, if at all. I'm so thankful we serve a God of mercy and grace! Aren't you? I am a freelance writer, blogger and B2B copywriter. My love for writing has been with me my entire life and nothing pleases me more than to be doing exactly what I love.

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