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Before rising to meet the start of the day

On the eve of the newness of something to say

Beneath a burden, so heavy to bear

Through the midst of adversity, grief or despair



By the grace of our Father, by the blood of the Son

Against all the odds or when nothing gets done

Beside the still waters or next to the sea

Upon a sweet alter or on bended knee



During the good times, especially then

Throughout doubt and sadness, confessing our sin

After the music stops or before

Over and over, then just a bit more



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Stubborn And A Little Bit Scared

I was prompted to write this after seeing an article on Utmost Christian Writers


I am stubborn and a little bit scared
I wonder why my body is this old, but my heart is not
I hear timing ticking by, sometimes by the second
I see the past, as well as the future
I want to be right in the center of God’s will
I am stubborn and a little bit scared.

I pretend sometimes that I really am grown up
I feel like the needle in the haystack
I touch the hands of time with every breath
I worry about far too much, I know
I cry when something touches my soul
I am stubborn and a little bit scared.

I understand that there is reason and order to everything
I say God’s Word, because it is alive
I dream of things I want to accomplish with all my heart
I try to be better today than I was yesterday
I hope one day, to accomplish that one thing
I am stubborn and a little bit scared.


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Some call them fireflies.  Some call them lightenin’ bugs.  I call them miracles!

No other bug invokes as much memory and emotion as these little critters.

When we were little, we just couldn’t wait until the sun started going down so we could grab our mason jars and head out to catch some.

With laughter and amazement, we spent an untold amount of time rounding them up, being so careful and gentle so as not to crush their precious little bodies, and then another great deal of time just staring at them.

And on those rare occasions when we would accidentally squish one, there are hardly words to tell how horribly sad we were, feeling as if we’d committed the ultimate sin.

I only wish that today’s children would get the opportunity to know that feeling.

What an awesome, creative God we serve, Who would light up the back end of a bug to give such fond recollection in our later years!