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Just Thinking Out Loud

I am an incredibly opinionated person. But I usually keep it to myself…

I have trashed waaaaay more blog posts than I’ve ever published…

Which makes it a wonder I even blog at all!

I always figure, my opinion or view of things isn’t that different than some of the others I’ve already read, so why even put it out there?

I’ve never really changed anyone’s mind about anything. But I have had my own opinion’s changed on a few things quite recently. Which makes me thankful that SOMEONE was willing to share something that was out of my everyday normal existence.

And that has lead me to believe that maybe I should start sharing a few things things that are a little out of my comfort zone. At least for the sharing part. I don’t know…

Two things I do know for sure and am thoroughly convinced of, though: the devil is a liar, and God is still on the throne!




I have already walked a long and winding road, sometimes choosing the road less traveled, and sometimes choosing the wrong road altogether. Still, one fact remains... were it not for God, I would not have made it this far, if at all. I'm so thankful we serve a God of mercy and grace! Aren't you? I am a freelance writer, blogger, author, and copywriter. My love for writing has been with me my entire life and using it to magnify Jesus and His Kingdom is a dream come true!

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