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Tomorrow’s Professional Is Today’s Fraud

So, I will admit that I freelance for a handful of content sites. No, the pay isn’t amazing, but it IS extra income that really comes in handy, so I’m happy to do it. I’m a stay at home mom with a special needs son, so I do wind up with enough free time to write at least every day.

Mainly, I ghostwrite articles and blog posts and some creative content, and it’s all actually pretty fun. I learn something new every day! However, in digging through the available jobs, I have recently came upon some disturbing trends. I say “trends” because it seems to be an ongoing thing and somehow, I just don’t believe it should be.

Apparently, it’s okay for someone who is in college to pay someone else to do their writing homework. From what I’ve personally come across, it is primarily classes like psychology, sociology, economics and the like, and they’re willing to pay fairly good money to hire someone to write. They’ll give you the details, screenshots of the assignment or uploads of the paperwork laying out what the end result is suppose to be like.

I came across one of these quite by accident, because I would not stoop to that level myself. Once I found out that I was going to be paid to actually do their homework, and they were in turn going to turn that in under their own name, playing it off as if they’d done the work, I graciously bowed out. I’ve learned the key words and have come to avoid those people like the plague!

The thing that bothers me is that these are people – ¬†who are in college to be whatever “fill-in-the-blank” professional they’re suppose to be – are not only committing plagiarism, they are showing that they are not willing to actually do the work they’re suppose to do in order to earn the degree they are paying to get. Of course, the only ones that know about it are the client and the writer, but maybe that’s the worst part.

If they’re willing to break the rules pre-degree, who’s to say they won’t continue to break the rules afterwards? What else will they be willing to stoop to after they are in place in their desired field? I guess we’ve created an atmosphere in this world where that kind of thing is no longer frowned upon…which is sad.

Just some random thoughts tonight…thanks for stopping by!