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Homeschool, Beans and Tomatoes

Homeschool started today and, just like most “first days”, it was pretty hectic. I had my lesson plans all together, meals were planned out as were after school activities, so overall it went pretty smooth. It’s just that getting into the groove can sometimes take a day or two.

Also this year, we’re trying out a new online curriculum and so far, we just love it! It WILL be featured in an upcoming blog, very soon, so do be on the lookout for it. I didn’t want to rush in, however, until I get the feel for it so I can be absolutely forthwith about everything. So, maybe next week? We shall see.

I’m really excited about this school year because my daughter, who was suffering from severe social anxiety and depression in public school, is actually excited about it too! And that’s a big thing for her. For any teenager with anxiety and depression really. My beautiful, talented, extremely smart daughter had pretty much given up on school and forsaken the thought that she would ever be able to get ahead. She was the brunt of many a bully’s cruel taunting and usually got off the bus in tears, or near it. We worked and worked but it seemed the harder we tried to push her forward, the more she withdrew even to the point of being labeled “defiant”, and that isn’t her at all. Not really.

Public schools are not equipped to provide any supports for students with the kinds of problems my daughter has. They made every effort in accordance with their protocol, but nothing really helped. There’s SUCH a need for some kind of revamping of the school system to accommodate these children… And that’s another blog topic for another time.

At any rate, taking the “whole picture” into consideration, my daughter’s therapist suggested homeschooling for a great many reasons. With the one on one help that she gets from me, the online lessons, online tutors, video tutorials and other resources, I think she’s REALLY going to be successful đŸ™‚ !  And for the first time in a very long time, she was smiling while doing algebra! Even explaining the work to me as she went along, the why’s and what goes where and all that. What a breath of fresh air!

Look at that smile!

And so ends a very refreshing day. The weather was cooler here today, just shy of 90 degrees with a breeze that was just wonderful. My bean and tomato plants are looking great, and we’ll be picking the tomatoes soon. Ah, fresh salad, I can’t wait!

These beans were thrown out for the birds, but decided to grow instead!
Just transplanted, so a bit weak still….


Yes, bugs have been at the leaves a bit because we DO NOT  use chemicals.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! Have a blessed day and do come back!