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Forcing Religion on Your Children

This message needs to go out far and wide…

A Homeschool Mom

“Are you faced with the accusation that you ‘force your religion on your children’? The first thing to do is ask the critic to clearly explain what he means by ‘forcing or imposing a belief or religion’ on others…”
~Frank Grau

Forcing_ReligionThe assertion of forcing religion on our children is continually brought to our attention. We are often accused of pushing our beliefs and ‘brainwashing’ them with our faith. Today, the Lord put upon my heart the need to share this thoughtful article my husband wrote several years ago addressing just this issue:

Forcing Religion on Your Children

As you prepare to wade into the coming learning year, may his words offer comfort and encouragement. May the Lord show us what He wants of our learning year, our families, and our parenting. And, may we be faithful to follow His call. No matter the opposition.

“Train up a child in the way he should go,

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Written As Requested | The Oil of Joy – A Reblog

I just came across this wonderful blog and just wanted to share! Please check it out 🙂

Write the vision and make it plain that men might run with it. I have called You to come forth in Me as Vessels of Honor unto Me. A Bride without spot or wrinkle. A Chosen Vessel to fulfill My desi…

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