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Walk On

Today’s writing prompt is an interesting one and certainly not one I would have thought to write about on my own…

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

I’ve always been a shoe person. I’m not even sure where that got started because, as a child in the Appalachian mountains, as well as in the rural countryside of Central Kentucky, I ran barefoot every chance I got. Perhaps it was the fact that my mother made sure my little sister and I got a new pair of shoes almost every Easter, along with a dress and sometimes a hat, and it might be that it instilled some kind of sense of the importance of nice shoes. And God forbid that we attend any important function in anything less 🙂

My dad always told me, as well, that you could judge a persons character solely on the look of their shoes alone. He said that anyone who wore shoes that were dirty, unpolished and otherwise ruddy looking was a lazy person who couldn’t even be concerned with their own appearance. Of course, he did say that some people couldn’t afford better, and that there was a distinction. But anyone that dressed well otherwise, he said, and still didn’t care about the shoes, was really something else.

And that’s something that has always stuck with me. I’ve never been able to go anywhere without first sitting down to clean my shoes well. And it will probably always be as such.

Now, what are my favorite shoes? Wow, that’s a hard question! I guess it would depend on the season. In the summer, I love my flip flops and my slip on canvas shoes that have somewhat of an oriental look to them. Only they’re camouflage. Of course. In the winter, my favorite shoes are either hiking boots or my heavy soled leather lace-up shoes. I’m not one that can be kept indoors in the harsh winter weather, and I have to have a shoe that can take me across the rough stuff 🙂

Where have they taken me? Oh, that could be a book in and of itself! They’ve taken me everywhere! They have taken me on many hiking and fishing adventures with my family. They have taken me to school and to work. They have also taken me across many stages including one on the infield of Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky and one in a television studio in Nashville, TN.

They’ve taken me back up the mountains of my childhood and they’ve taken me to the final resting place of many a loved one. They’ve carried me to and fro across my home as I prayed for my family and they’ve been carefully placed aside as I lay down to rest at night.

My shoes. Who knew they really meant as much to me as they did, and yet get so little recognition. 🙂  Well, I’m glad I took the time to look into that.

As always, I thank you for stopping by. I really do appreciate it.

If you’re following along with the prompt, where have your shoes taken you?