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Where Has The Time Gone?

I can’t believe I’ve let this much time get away from me! And so quickly after deciding to write on the prompts every single day. That gets a big fat “BOO” from me. But, in my defense, I have been incredibly busy.

First of all, there is homeschooling, which is going well. With this online curriculum, keeping up with everything is easy, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Papers to be graded that aren’t done online, essays to read and grade, math review and supplementation, entering information in my grade book… it all adds up and takes a great deal of time, but it’s oh so worth it.

There’s also the freelance writing that I do, and thank God my client list has grown a bit these past couple of weeks. Not by much, but enough to keep me writing on a regular basis. I try to write a bit in the mornings, before school, and I usually write until about 11 pm, after which I fall into bed like a sack of potatoes 🙂  !!  But again, it’s worth it. Having clients that have regular work for me to do, are incredibly easy to work with and communicate with and have reasonable deadlines are a God-send, which is an understatement in this business. I’ve actually had to turn down several interviews and a job proposal this week because my calendar is full throughout the remainder of the next two weeks!

These two things alone take up most of my time during the day, and I don’t really factor in all the other things that I do like housework, cooking, laundry, gardening and dealing with the dog 🙂 although the latter can sometimes be more than I bargained for! She’s a pickle and though she’s very independent, when she wants attention, she finds a way to get it! I find out something new about the Husky breed almost every day 🙂

So, just in case anyone was wondering, I’ve not dropped off the edge of the world, I’m simply learning how to juggle everything that I have going on. My Mom always use to tell us, don’t get too many irons in the fire. Well, sometimes it’s unavoidable, but I know what she meant.  I’ll manage 🙂

And of course, as always, thank you so much for having a read. Be blessed today, my friends!



I have already walked a long and winding road, sometimes choosing the road less traveled, and sometimes choosing the wrong road altogether. Still, one fact remains... were it not for God, I would not have made it this far, if at all. I'm so thankful we serve a God of mercy and grace! Aren't you? I am a freelance writer, blogger, author, and copywriter. My love for writing has been with me my entire life and using it to magnify Jesus and His Kingdom is a dream come true!

2 thoughts on “Where Has The Time Gone?

  1. Multitasking is just a reality show called survival. Glad to hear your writing assignments are picking up. As for homeschooling, we also did that and the work load can be high but the benefits are worth it.

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