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The True Nature Of God – Andrew Wommack Ministries

This is an amazing read from Andrew Wommack’s ministry website. I especially like the way he explains the difference between being “under law” and being “under grace”. So many people today seem to have the idea that we are still under the law and reaping all the same things for our wrongdoings. Just have a read here and be encouraged today by the True Nature of God!



Recently the Lord woke me up at 3:30 a.m. with the words, “I have raised you up to change people’s opinion of Me. That will change their lives, and then they will change the world.” Wow! That pretty much sums it up. If people knew how good God is, they would love Him and live for Him. That in turn would solve all the problems of the world. But God has been so slandered that most people don’t know Him as the good God He really is. Why is that? One of the biggest problems is religion’s misuse of the Law. This has done tremendous damage to God’s image. The Law came by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ (John 1:17). The Law wasn’t inaccurate but incomplete. And if it is not properly applied, it gives a wrong representation of God. Jesus was the perfect representation of God (Heb. 1:3). He said if we have seen Him, then we have seen the Father (John 14:9). He did exactly what He saw His Father do (John 5:19). Jesus showed us that God is love (1 John 4:8). Yet He was constantly accused of breaking the Law. Of course, Jesus didn’t break the Law. He’s the only One who ever truly kept the Law. But the mercy and grace Jesus extended toward people was radically different from the “eye for eye” and “tooth for tooth” of the Old Testament Law. Jesus forgave a woman whom the Law condemned to death (John 8:1-11). Jesus ate and fellowshipped with publicans and sinners, which the legalistic Jews of His day wouldn’t do (Matt. 9:11). Jesus touched the untouchable (Matt. 8:3) and loved the unlovable (Luke 8:2). He showed us grace and mercy, which the Old Testament Law didn’t do. A wrong understanding of the purpose of the Old Testament Law leads to a misunderstanding of the nature of God. Most people believe God gave the Law to show us what we needed to do to obtain relationship with Him. But the Law was never intended to bring us into relationship with our heavenly Father. It was intended to show us our sin and our need for God. It was given to show us how unholy we were so we would despair of trying to earn salvation and just receive it as a gift by faith. It was to turn us from self-righteousness to a faith-righteousness that could only come through a Savior (Rom. 10:3-4). Consider some of the things the Scripture says about the Law: • The Law strengthened sin (1 Cor. 15:56). • The Law was a ministry of death and condemnation (2 Cor. 3:7 and 9). • The Law gave guilt and knowledge of sin, not salvation (Rom. 3:19-20). • The Law made sin come alive, and killed us (Rom. 7:9). • The Law magnified sin and produced hopelessness (Rom. 7:13-25). Why would God give us something with all these negative effects? It was because we were already beaten by… Read More

Source: The True Nature Of God – Andrew Wommack Ministries



I have already walked a long and winding road, sometimes choosing the road less traveled, and sometimes choosing the wrong road altogether. Still, one fact remains... were it not for God, I would not have made it this far, if at all. I'm so thankful we serve a God of mercy and grace! Aren't you? I am a freelance writer, blogger, author, and copywriter. My love for writing has been with me my entire life and using it to magnify Jesus and His Kingdom is a dream come true!

2 thoughts on “The True Nature Of God – Andrew Wommack Ministries

  1. I started listening to Andrew Wommack years ago and it changed my life. The church I was going to would tell me God forgave me yet then told me that I better ask for forgiveness for my prayers won’t be answered. They told me that God was in control of everything yet I had free will and can choose what I wanted to do and the list goes on and on. Yet, when I would read the Bible for myself I would see the truth in what God was saying so then I would get confused. I just figured the pastor and my Sunday school teacher were smarter than me; they went to seminary, they studied these scriptures so they must know something I am not seeing. Then I heard Andrew and everything just clicked in place. All those puzzle pieces that I knew went into this puzzle but kept being told they didn’t fit, finally fit. I am so in love with God. I have such a better relationship with Him now that I know the truth and I don’t need to go to seminary to be told what God’s word says – I can read it for myself. Life is so much more exciting.
    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thank you! And thank you for sharing…I hear from so many people who are going through this these days and it is so very sad. It’s easy to put a lot of trust in people who are in positions of authority, because we expect them to hold themselves to higher standards, but many have blinders on. I think that’s why, in the Bible, God issues such harsh judgement on pastors who “lead the flock astray”, and why Jesus spoke the way he did to the Pharisees and Scribes in his day, calling them white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones! And how much worse is the state of this world today? I’m glad you found Andrew, he changed my life the same way and I listen to him as often as I am able 🙂 There IS a TRUTH and WISDOM to be sought after, and God will surely show us. People in the world may look at us, but, hallelujah, God looks at our heart! Be Blessed!!


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