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To All Followers, Old & New…

I have noticed an influx to of new followers lately. I APPRECIATE THAT SO MUCH!

However, I’m not sure how this particular site is still seeing this much traffic, other than perhaps through my comments on others blogs. For some reasons, my profile sometimes points back to this blog, instead of my new blog, Scribbles and Sustenance.

So, I just wanted to point out, if you’re looking for my latest blog posts, please feel free to head over to and follow me there! I no longer post here, and would love your interaction over there.

Have a blessed day!

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Links for my book release: Believe!

I am so excited to finally announce that my book,Β Believe! Our Role In Learning The Truth, has finally gone live on Amazon, almost globally! I really don’t think I ever expected it to happen, but here it is. There was such an urging in my spirit to get it done that I couldn’t put it off any longer.

The Kindle and e-Book version can be found here, while the paperback version can be found here. They are suppose to be linked, where both the e-version and the print version are on the same page, but I don’t know if that change has been made yet.

A couple of notes on the Kindle version:

  • If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited.
  • The Kindle version will be free from June 11 until June 15.
  • You should be able to loan the book if you download it.

I wanted to make the book free to start out with, because I want everyone to have a chance to read it. I will be making it free once every 90 days, at least for awhile, so keep an eye out for that if you miss it this time.

Also, if you happen to read or download the book, I would greatly appreciate it if you would give a review on Amazon. It really helps new writers like me to rank and show up in the search results better, at least as far as I understand it. It would mean the world to me πŸ™‚

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me along the way. It means so very much!


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I Finally Did It…

I don’t know how many years ago it was that God laid it on my heart to write the book “Believe!”. At least five. It’s always been in the back of my mind because, to be honest, I didn’t think I had it in me to do.

Still, ever so often, God would remind me that He wanted me to get it done. Of course, I had no idea about publishing or how to get it done, or who would want to do anything with the book. I began to look around at publishers and their rates, and it was absolutely out of my range! To self-publish a book in print costs a lot more than I thought it would. That’s not to mention marketing and all the rest that goes along with getting your book out there.

Then, after I don’t know how long, someone turned me on to Amazon’s self-publishing site. As it turns out, you can publish the e-Book, along with the print version as well, and pay no up front costs! I couldn’t believe it! Could it really be that simple?

Well, being the not-so-trusting person that I am, I spent months and months and then a few more months reading and studying up on the whole process. Sure enough, it’s pretty legit. Still, though, I had my doubts.

Then, not long ago, my best friend introduced me to a friend of hers who is already a published author through Amazon. You can find her stuff on her Amazon page here. She has been such a tremendous help in sorting out all the things I was worried about! I just can’t thank her enough.

I certainly don’t want to leave out another HUGE thank you to my awesome daughter, Abby, for taking the breathtaking picture for my cover. Her talent is amazing and she never ceases to amaze me! All the books in this series will feature her photography and I can’t wait.

Anyway, after talking with her and sending my manuscript out to a few “beta readers”, I have finally set the wheels in motion! My very first book, Believe! Our Role In Learning The Truth, will be available on Amazon in about three days! It’s the first in a series, that will probably, at some point, turn into one larger book, but I guess we’ll wait and see about that.

I’ll be sure to come back with a link for anyone who might be interested in reading it. Be sure to follow my page so you don’t miss it πŸ™‚

I don’t know exactly where God is going to take this, but I couldn’t justΒ not write it. Whatever happens from here on out, as it should be, is in His capable Hands.

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HOOKED Chat Stories – Horrifying Texts

There is a new app I recently found out about called Hooked. I write a lot about new and emerging apps as a Freelance Writer, for various clients, and this one fell in my lap somehow.

I’m actually kind of glad it did. Let’s me know that there are more and more things trying to tempt young people to things they shouldn’t even be a part of.

The people who created this app say that they put it out there in an attempt to save fiction for this new world of mellinials. They thought that, since young people spend so much time on social media already, that perhaps they could rekindle a spark for literature amongst them with this app.

I’d say that’s a great idea, if it were a different genre and if it weren’t so easy for young children to get their hands on. I will say though, the creators did mention that they’d tried several genres and they all flopped, until they decided to give horror a go.

My fear is that with all the “real-life” horror we already see on social media today, is this just another attempt to push past the wow-factor into something worse? It’s hard to tell, as new as it is. I worry that perhaps this will be the next “trigger” for someone who’s considering actually doing something…let’s just say, untoward.

It’s scary! Maybe it was meant to be, actually I’m sure it was, but I don’t think I’m going to be giving it the time of day, myself.

Have any of you had any experience with this app? If so, please do stop by in the comments and let me know. I’ve yet to actually hear from very many people what the actual day-to-day turns out to be.

You can find out more about the app here. It’s suppose to be for those in their late teens and early twenties, as they are quick to point out in their analytics, but it’s marketed for those aged 9 and up.

Trust me when I say, you don’t want your nine year old getting their hands on this. I mean, I know I wouldn’t.

There are enough things out there to scare and mislead our children. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think we should spend more time building our children up! They are our future!

So, anyway, I just wanted to share. It’s very new and I don’t know how much of a hold it will have.

Be blessed! And thanks for stopping by!

Source: HOOKED Chat Stories – App Info. for Parents from Protect Young Eyes

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Trying To Find Myself

Well, as some of you know, I started my self hosted website/blog back in March. Scribbles & Sustenance is pretty much just sitting there at this point. I mean, granted, I don’t really have a “niche”, for the thing. And I’m certainly not as open and personal as I have been here, and although I have a different category for each day of the week, there’s nothing that I’m really focused on.

Ok, we’ll call that mistake number one. (Not sure if that should be a statement or a question!)

Another thing I keep hearing about is going with affiliates. Maybe I’m missing something, but so far, the only affiliates I’ve checked on say you have to have a crazy amount of “per day” visits.

And I don’t.

Not yet, anyways.

I’m still working on it. Maybe I’ll never get it down for sure, but at least I won’t be accused of not trying. I’ve linked to social media, I tweet, I pin and I have a Facebook page. I try to get my titles and headlines right. I don’t know, maybe I’m trying to hard?

Maybe I should just go back to the way I was blogging here…still not great, and I feel like there’s no niche there either.

So, for now, I’ve just been using the website as my Freelance Writing website. That’s what I do professionally, plus it gives me somewhere to store my portfolio without having to pay extra, but even the freelance jobs are becoming scarce. I blame that on people who agree to write for ridiculously low rates. BUT, as they say, you get what you pay for. I’ll bide my time, thank you very much. Didn’t want to work for those kinds of people anyway.

I guess I’ll still be around πŸ™‚ Even though I’m paying for Scribbles, this place just feels more like home…

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Self-Hosted Perils and What Not

My word, but it seems like I have been gone from All Out War for years! I think about it all the time and I’ve meant to come back and post so many different things, but I’ve just been insanely busy!

I know, I know, it’s easy to say we’re busy, but I think I’m honestly telling the truth πŸ™‚ We are up first thing in the morning, getting one off to work, another started on the music he’s working on for the day, and then into homeschooling. Over the course of the day, we’re like a well played pinball machine, bouncing around from homeschool, to freelance writing, to walking the dog, to feeding the other pets, to dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning and half a million other little things that can steal our time before the man of the house arrives home.

Before you know it, I’m feeling like a rung out dishrag and ready to throw in the towel for the day!

Freelancing has been come and go the past couple of months, but it’s starting to pick back up again. Which is why I thought I should go ahead and post here while I have the chance. Never mind that it’s well after midnight and I have to be back up soon, I just had to check in!

For those who might be interested, my new website is called Scribbles & Sustenance. It’s still somewhat under maintenance, as I am currently working with a great graphic artist on artwork and decals for the site. But by all means, if you’d like to see it for yourself, just go here. You can even subscribe, if you’d like. I am just now getting my email newsletter campaign up and running, so no more than one email a week πŸ™‚ And no spamming allowed!

It’s been really exciting, getting to work with all the tech people and learning new things, but it’s all a bit over my head really. Well, I suppose I should say it’s REALLY over my head. I don’t know the first thing about coding and frankly, I don’t care to start learning it! On that note, however, I am so thankful for the guys at TMD! They are around the clock angels, and I’m so glad they’re there. Lord knows I’ve worked them to death, lol.

Well, I just wanted to pop in with an update. I’m still out here in cyber space and haven’t fell off the edge just yet! For those who pray, keep me in your prayers, that my new site would take off like I want it to eventually.

And as always, I appreciate each and every one of you so much more than I’ll ever have words to say.

Be blessed! Have a great day!

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Jennifer Marie’s – Fumbling through it one day at a time

I would love for all of my readers to take a moment and visit my friend Jennifer’s blog. She’s just getting started and it would be awesome if she could see how great you WordPress bloggers are!

Because I think you’re pretty awesome myself πŸ™‚

Much appreciated and thanks in advance!


Fumbling through it one day at a time

Source: Jennifer Marie’s – Fumbling through it one day at a time

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Pricing Guide for Web Copywriters (Pressed)

Having worked a great long while for what is known as a “content mill”, I had no idea pricing was this high. Of course, not having a degree will often thwart the possibility of actually getting these numbers, but once I have a few years of experience under my belt, what then?

I just thought I would put this out there for anyone who may not know.


Curious what to charge your client for web copy? Use this handy pricing guide and never worry about under or over-pricing ever again.

Source: Pricing Guide for Web Copywriters

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Scribbles & Sustenance – Consider Stopping By!

I just wanted to take a moment to ask if anyone would be so kind as to stop by my brand new website, check it out and give your honest feedback. It’s been up and running just a little over a week and I am trying to get it just right.

It has all of the same content I have here, however it is arranged differently and has a fresh new look.

Thanks in advance!

Source: Scribbles & Sustenance – Thanks for stopping by!