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Don’t Say Things Like That!

I saw something posted on social media today that said “Liberalism is a mental disorder” and it actually hurt my feelings.

NO, I am NOT a liberal, not do I have liberal-leaning ideology.


I have some dear friends who are liberals, and they aren’t anything close to what you see on the news or social media. They don’t riot or hurt people or destroy property or set things on fire or anything of the sort. As a matter of fact, they have a lot of heart and a lot of love for people.

A lot.

Those people doing the rioting and dressing as women’s reproductive parts, the ones who have destroyed property and actually have gone so far as to hurt other people…THEY are the ones with a mental disorder, at least in my opinion. It is sad and hurtful to see.

You can’t just generalize people, no matter what your own opinions are.

Jesus died for everyone.