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How to Be Worry-Free in Times Like These – (in)courage

I wanted to post this today as it has been exactly what’s been on my mind lately. As I read this myself, I began to think back and, as it should so happen, I’ve never changed a single solitary thing with worry. Oh, I’ve probably gained a gray hair or two and surely it is the basis of some of the stomach problems I had in the past, but never has anything been accomplished because I lay awake all night, night after night, for nights on end, worrying about something.

Jesus knew it too. He said you couldn’t add a day to your life or an inch to your stature by worrying and he said that every day has enough worries of its own (Matthew 6). The better thing to do, no, the BEST thing to do is simply to pray. Why should we think that we could do anything with our own problems when we can lay all our worries at the feet of the one who created the very universe?

So definitely pop over and give this a read. Believe me, it’s worth it  🙂

It was 11:58 p.m. on December 31, 1999. Most people I knew were just minutes away from “partying like it was 1999.” It was New Year’s Eve, baby. And it was a big one. Meanwhile, I sat at my work desk on full alert, eyes glued to my computer screen. I sat in a newsroom full of other reporters, waiting to see whether our world would collapse under a predicted technological catastrophe. Do you remember that year? It was the year of the “Y2K bug.” Many people believed that when the calendar switched from 1999 to 2000, computers all over […]

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